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Herbal Remedies For ObesityObesity, besides social discrimination invites some major risks to your health, among which diabetes, blood pressure problems and cardiovascular diseases are most prevalent and thus needs proper treatment in time. It may have many adverse effects on health. Main causes behind obesity are genetic susceptibility, intake excess food energy and lack of physical activities.

But we can cure obesity to a great extent by using some herbs with a wonderful effect. Some of such natural herbs are described as follows:

Herbal Remedies For Obesity

Caralluma Fimbriata

It is a well known plant from the cactus family and found in abundance in Asia especially in India. Being a non toxic plant it is even taken as a part of food in India. Because of Pregnane glycosides, a special compound in it, Caralluma acts as an appetite suppressant and thus helps in controlling obesity.

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The best thing about Caralluma as a treatment for obesity is that unlike prescriptions and other herbs, it is free from any adverse side effects and thus can be used very safely and undoubtly. It can be eaten raw or can be taken as part of cooked food.

Fennel Seeds

Through the years, people around the world are relying on the prominent capabilities of fennel seeds in reducing obesity. It is widely used in plenty of dishes around the world. It is good appetite supressent. It is a powerful digestive agent, that is why used so often after taking meal. Also it stimulates metabolism and maintains proper intestinal lining.

All these attributes make it a great remedy for controlling obesity. Usually it is taken as tea, generally called fennel tea. Taking the powder obtained from fennel seeds, with lukewarm water is quite an effectual remedy for controlling obesity. It is generally free from any side effects.


This is a very common herb and can be seen very often growing in our courtyard. Normally after chopping it is sparkled over a dish to make it looking even tastier and appetizing. Besides its fanciful uses It also helps in digesting the food well. It wonderfully works inside the digestive tract and helps in suppressing the the appetite.

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It is considered very good for liver and intestine. To take its benefits, we can use it in our food or for more effects we can form a tincture by boiling some crushed parsley leaves into appropriate amount of water for 15 minutes and then filter it to make the parsley extract separate from the water. Taking this homemade tincture twice a day will really help you in controlling obesity.

Irvingia Gabonensis

It is a well known fruit, also called as African mango. Irvingia gabonensis controls the obesity by affecting the functionality of laptin. Laptin is a special hormone inside our body, which act as a suppressant for appetite. If they are less in number then we lose control over our appetite and start eating in an uncontrolled manner, which leads to obesity.

Irvingia gabonensis increases the laptin hormones just enough to remain the appetite under control and thus helps in controlling the obesity. Its seeds extract is available in form of capsules. Taking 1 capsule before meal in a day is really effective. Normally it is safe, but avid its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Bladder Wrack

It is another very effective herb to treat obesity. One of the reason behind obesity is thyroid dysfunction. Bladderwrack is a rich source of Iodine. It stimulates a good level of Iodine to keep the functionality of thyroid gland intact. Also it controls obesity by keeping the appropriate levels of lipids and metabolism inside the body.

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One important thing, before using it that it is rich in metallic compositions, so its excess use can be harmful. So consult some veteran herbalist before using it. This also not recommended for pregnant and women breastfeeding their infants.